form_field_just - Linux


form_field_just is a command-line tool used to align form fields in HTML forms. It is designed to simplify the process of creating consistent and visually appealing web forms.


form_field_just [options] <file>


  • -e, –elements: Specify the HTML element to align. Default: All form elements.
  • -a, –align: Specify the alignment for the selected elements. Default: Left.
    • left
    • center
    • right
  • -m, –margin: Set the left and right margins for the elements. Default: 0.
  • -p, –padding: Set the top and bottom padding for the elements. Default: 0.
  • -v, –vertical: Enable vertical alignment. Default: Disabled.


Align all form elements left:

form_field_just -a left file.html

Align elements with the class input right:

form_field_just -e input -a right file.html

Align elements with the class input vertically with 10px margins:

form_field_just -e input -a center -m 10 -p 10 -v file.html

Common Issues

  • Misaligned fields: Ensure proper spacing and margins are provided.
  • Overlapping elements: Avoid setting margins and padding too large, which can cause elements to overlap.


form_field_just can be integrated into web development workflows to:

  • Create consistent form element alignments across multiple pages.
  • Automate form formatting tasks, saving time and effort.
  • Improve website accessibility by ensuring forms are visually clear and easy to use.

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