form_field_info - Linux


The form_field_info command provides information about form fields in HTML documents. It allows for extracting data from web pages or forms and can be particularly useful for automating tasks or data scraping operations.


form_field_info [OPTIONS] URL


  • -a: Print all available information about each field, including the field name, type, value, and other attributes.
  • -n: Only print the field name.
  • -t: Only print the field type.
  • -v: Only print the field value.


Simple Example:


Print Field Names:

form_field_info -n

Print Field Types:

form_field_info -t

Common Issues

  • Ensure that the provided URL points to a valid HTML document that contains form fields.
  • If the command does not return any output, verify that the page contains form fields and that you have the necessary privileges to access the resource.


form_field_info can be integrated with other commands for advanced tasks, such as:

  • grep: Filter the output based on specific field names or values:
form_field_info -a | grep username
  • awk: Extract specific information from the output:
form_field_info -a | awk '{print $2}'

Related Commands

  • HTML Tidy – A tool for cleaning and repairing HTML code.
  • lynx – A text-based web browser that can extract text from HTML documents.