form_field_attributes - Linux


form_field_attributes is a command-line utility designed to manage form field attributes in .form files. It allows users to set, modify, and retrieve field properties, making it an essential tool for customizing form data entry.


form_field_attributes <command> [options] <field-name> [<value>]


| Option | Description | Default |
| -s, –set | Set attribute value | N/A |
| -g, –get | Get attribute value | N/A |
| -r, –remove | Remove attribute | N/A |


Set a field’s label attribute:

form_field_attributes -s label=First Name first_name

Retrieve a field’s help text attribute:

form_field_attributes -g help-text age

Remove a field’s required attribute:

form_field_attributes -r required address

Common Issues

Error: Unknown attribute '<attribute-name>'

Reason: The attribute does not exist or is misspelled. Check the official documentation for valid attribute names.

Error: Permission denied

Reason: Ensure you have write permissions to the .form file.


Combine with validators:

form_field_attributes -s required=yes first_name && form_validator -v required first_name

Use in custom form scripts:

form_field_attributes -g label address | sed 's/^.*label=//'

Related Commands

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  • form_data: Manipulates form data stored in .dat files