form_driver_w - Linux


form_driver_w is a command-line tool used to generate Writer files from Form files in OpenOffice. It provides a convenient way to create documents that can be easily filled out and manipulated by users.


form_driver_w [options] file.sxf


  • -o, –output: Specify the output filename (default: filename.odt)
  • -n, –no-gui: Run in non-GUI mode (no progress bar)
  • -s, –silent: Suppress all output
  • -v, –verbose: Output verbose information


Create a Writer file from a Form file:

form_driver_w form.sxf

Create a Writer file with a specific output filename:

form_driver_w -o output.odt form.sxf

Create a Writer file in non-GUI mode:

form_driver_w -n form.sxf

Common Issues

Error: File is not a valid Form file.
Solution: Ensure that the input file is a valid Form file in OpenOffice format.


form_driver_w can be used in conjunction with other commands to automate document generation tasks. For example, the following script uses form_driver_w to generate multiple Writer files from a directory of Form files:


for FORM in *.sxf; do
  form_driver_w -o "${FORM%.*}.odt" "$FORM"

Related Commands

  • writer2calc: Converts Writer files to Calc files.
  • calc2writer: Converts Calc files to Writer files.