ForEach Object - PowerShell


ForEach-Object processes each element of an array or other object collection, executing a script block for each item. It is a powerful tool for automating tasks involving individual elements within a collection.


ForEach-Object [-Process {}] [-Begin {}] [-End {}] [[-FilterScript {}] -Exclude | -Include] [-Parallel] [-ThrottleLimit <int>] [-AsJob] [-SyncJob] [-WhatIf] [-Confirm] [-ErrorAction <Action>] [-ErrorVariable <Variable>] [-WarningAction <Action>] [-WarningVariable <Variable>] [-InformationAction <Action>] [-InformationVariable <Variable>] [-Verbose] [-Debug] [-OutVariable <Variable>] [-OutFile <String>]


  • -Process: Script block to execute for each element.
  • -Begin: Script block to execute before processing the first element.
  • -End: Script block to execute after processing the last element.
  • -FilterScript: Script block to filter elements.
  • -Exclude: Exclude elements that match the filter.
  • -Include: Include only elements that match the filter.
  • -Parallel: Run the script block in parallel for each element.
  • -ThrottleLimit: Maximum number of concurrent pipeline operations allowed.
  • -AsJob: Create a job that runs the script block.
  • -SyncJob: Wait for the job to complete before continuing.
  • -WhatIf: Display what would happen without actually executing the script block.
  • -Confirm: Prompt for confirmation before executing the script block.
  • -ErrorAction: Action to take when an error occurs.
  • -ErrorVariable: Variable to store error messages.
  • -WarningAction: Action to take when a warning occurs.
  • -WarningVariable: Variable to store warning messages.
  • -InformationAction: Action to take when informational messages occur.
  • -InformationVariable: Variable to store informational messages.
  • -Verbose: Display verbose output.
  • -Debug: Display debug output.
  • -OutVariable: Variable to store output.
  • -OutFile: File to write output to.


Iterate over an array and display each element:

$array = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
$array | ForEach-Object { Write-Host $_ }

Filter elements based on a condition:

$array | ForEach-Object -FilterScript { $_ -gt 2 }

Process elements in parallel:

$array | ForEach-Object -Parallel { Write-Host $_ }

Create a job:

$job = $array | ForEach-Object -AsJob { Write-Host $_ }

Common Issues

  • Script block not defined: Ensure the -Process parameter is specified with a valid script block.
  • Object not iterable: The input object must be an array or other iterable collection.
  • Parallel processing errors: If parallel processing fails, try reducing the -ThrottleLimit or using -AsJob instead.


Combine with Where-Object for filtering:

$results = $array | Where-Object { $_ -gt 2 } | ForEach-Object { Write-Host $_ }

Create custom objects:

$objArray = $array | ForEach-Object { New-Object -TypeName CustomObject -Property @{ Value = $_ } }