flatpak-remote-modify - Linux


The flatpak-remote-modify command modifies the configuration of a remote repository used by flatpak. It can be used to add, remove, or modify the repository entry in the user’s Flatpak configuration.


flatpak remote-modify [OPTIONS] [REPOSITORY]


  • –add: Add a new repository entry.
  • –remove: Remove a repository entry.
  • –modify: Modify an existing repository entry.
  • –default: Set the default repository.
  • –help: Display help and exit.
  • –version: Display version information and exit.


Adding a new repository

flatpak remote-modify --add Flathub https://flathub.org/repo/flathub.flatpakrepo

Removing a repository

flatpak remote-modify --remove Flathub

Modifying an existing repository

flatpak remote-modify --modify Flathub name="My Flatpak Repository"

Common Issues

  • Error: Repository already exists: The repository entry already exists in the user’s Flatpak configuration.
  • Solution: Use the --modify option to modify the existing entry.


The flatpak-remote-modify command can be used with other Flatpak commands to manage repositories and applications.

  • Flatpak: Manage Flatpak applications and repositories.
  • Flatpak-functions: Extend the functionality of flatpak with plugins.
  • Sudo: Use sudo to run the command with root privileges.

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