flatpak-remote-ls - Linux


flatpak-remote-ls is a command-line utility for interacting with Flatpak remote repositories. It provides a way to list, query, and remove repositories. This command is primarily used for managing Flatpak repositories and ensuring that you have access to the latest packages.


flatpak-remote-ls [OPTIONS...] [REPOSITORY_NAME...]


  • -h, –help: Display help and exit.
  • -V, –version: Display version information.
  • -v, –verbose: Enable verbose output.
  • -l, –list: List all repositories.
  • -u, –update: Update the repository cache.
  • -r, –remove: Remove the specified repository.
  • –user: List user repositories only.
  • –system: List system repositories only.
  • –all: List both user and system repositories.


List all repositories:


List user repositories only:

flatpak-remote-ls --user

Update the repository cache:

flatpak-remote-ls --update

Remove a repository:

flatpak-remote-ls --remove flathub

Common Issues

  • No repositories found: Ensure that you have added at least one repository using flatpak-remote-add.
  • Permission denied: Check if you have sufficient permissions to make changes to the repository.


  • flatpak-install: Installing packages from repositories listed by flatpak-remote-ls.
  • flatpak-update: Updating packages from repositories listed by flatpak-remote-ls.
  • flatpak-repair: Repairing broken packages from repositories listed by flatpak-remote-ls.

Related Commands

  • flatpak-remote-add: Adds a Flatpak remote repository.
  • flatpak-remote-info: Displays information about a Flatpak remote repository.
  • flatpak-remote-override: Overrides the repository source for a specific application.