flatpak-remote-delete - Linux


flatpak-remote-delete is a utility that allows you to manage remote repositories for Flatpak, a package management system for Linux distributions. It enables you to remove existing remote repositories where you no longer need access to their contents.


flatpak remote-delete [--user] [--system] <remote-name>


  • –user: Operate on the user-specific remote list.
  • –system: Operate on the system-wide remote list.
  • : The name of the remote repository to remove.


Remove a User-Specific Remote Repository

flatpak remote-delete --user my-remote

Remove a System-Wide Remote Repository

flatpak remote-delete --system my-remote

Common Issues

Remote Not Found

If you attempt to delete a non-existent remote, you will encounter the following error message:

Error: Could not remove remote 'unknown-remote': No such remote

Ensure that you provide the correct when using the command.


flatpak-remote-delete can be combined with other Flatpak commands to manage your package management setup. For instance, you can use it after adding a new remote to remove the old one:

flatpak remote-add --user new-remote https://example.com/repo
flatpak remote-delete --user old-remote

Related Commands

  • flatpak: The main Flatpak command for managing packages and repositories.
  • flatpak-remote-info: Display information about remote repositories.
  • flatpak-remote-add: Add a new remote repository.