flatpak-permission-set - Linux


flatpak-permission-set sets permissions for a Flatpak application. This is useful for granting or revoking specific capabilities, such as access to files or the network.


flatpak-permission-set [command] [option] [app] [permission] [value]


  • -h, –help: Show help and exit.
  • -v, –verbose: Enable verbose output.
  • –allow: Grant the permission.
  • –deny: Deny the permission.
  • –default: Set the permission to the default value.
  • –list: List all permissions for the app.
  • –clear: Clear all permissions for the app.


Granting access to a directory

flatpak-permission-set --allow com.example.app /home/user/Documents

Denying access to the network

flatpak-permission-set --deny com.example.app network

Listing all permissions for an app

flatpak-permission-set --list com.example.app

Common Issues

  • Permission not found: The specified permission is not supported by the Flatpak runtime.
  • App not found: The specified app is not installed.


flatpak-permission-set can be used in conjunction with other commands, such as flatpak install and flatpak run, to control the permissions granted to Flatpak applications.

Related Commands

  • flatpak-permission-query
  • flatpak-permission-clear
  • flatpak-permission-default