flatpak-permission-remove - Linux


flatpak-permission-remove is a command used to remove permissions from a Flatpak application. This allows you to revoke access to specific resources or actions that the application may have been granted.


flatpak-permission-remove [--subject SUBJECT] [--permission PERMISSION] APPLICATION


  • --subject SUBJECT: Specifies the subject of the permission to be removed. The subject can be either a user, group, or all users.
  • --permission PERMISSION: Specifies the permission to be removed. The permission can be any of the permissions defined in the Flatpak runtime permissions list.
  • APPLICATION: The name of the application to remove the permission from.


To remove the access to the microphone for the org.freedesktop.Calculator application from the current user, use:

flatpak-permission-remove --subject user:$(id -u) --permission microphone org.freedesktop.Calculator

To remove all permissions for the org.gnome.Maps application from all users, use:

flatpak-permission-remove --subject all --permission all org.gnome.Maps

Common Issues

If the specified permission does not exist or the subject does not have the permission, the command will fail with an error message.


flatpak-permission-remove can be combined with other Flatpak commands to manage permissions for Flatpak applications. For example, you can use the flatpak-permission-list command to view the permissions granted to an application, and the flatpak-permission-reset command to reset all permissions for an application.

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