flatpak-override - Linux


The flatpak-override command modifies the manifest of a Flatpak application installed on the system, offering a way to customize the application’s behavior and preferences. It allows users to apply changes and extensions that are not available or configurable within the app itself.


flatpak-override --user [--system] [--scope=_scope_] [--install|--uninstall] <application_id> [<manifest.json>]


  • --user: Apply changes to the user installation of the application.
  • --system (optional): Apply changes to the system-wide installation of the application.
  • --scope=_scope_ (optional): Specify an override scope for customizing specific application features.
  • --install: Install or update an override manifest.
  • --uninstall: Uninstall an existing override manifest.
  • <application_id>: The identifier of the Flatpak application to modify.
  • <manifest.json> (optional): The path to the override manifest file.


Install an override manifest:

flatpak-override --user --install com.example.app /path/to/override.json

Uninstall an existing override:

flatpak-override --user --uninstall com.example.app

Customize application behavior with an override scope:

flatpak-override --user --scope=filesystem --install com.example.app /path/to/override-filesystem.json

Common Issues

  • Manifest syntax errors: Ensure the override manifest file is a valid JSON file.
  • Missing required permissions: Some overrides require additional permissions. Check the application documentation or override manifest for details.
  • Overriding incompatible versions: Make sure the override manifest is compatible with the installed application version.


flatpak-override can be used in conjunction with other commands for advanced customization:

  • flatpak update --user: Update Flatpak applications, including installed overrides.
  • flatpak run --override: Run a Flatpak application with specific overrides applied.

Related Commands

  • flatpak: Manage Flatpak applications and repositories.
  • flatpak list: List installed Flatpak applications.
  • flatpak info: Display information about a Flatpak application.