flatpak-make-current - Linux


flatpak-make-current sets an application as the default for its category in the Flatpak runtime. This allows users to easily switch between multiple applications providing similar functionality without having to manually select the desired application each time.


flatpak-make-current [OPTIONS] --category=CATEGORY APPLICATION


  • –category=CATEGORY: The category to set the default application for. This must be a valid Flatpak category (like "web-browser" or "office-suite").
  • –app APPLICATION: The application to set as the default for the category. This must be a Flatpak application ID (like "org.mozilla.firefox" or "org.libreoffice.LibreOffice").


Set Firefox as the default web browser:

flatpak-make-current --category=web-browser org.mozilla.firefox

Set LibreOffice as the default office suite:

flatpak-make-current --category=office-suite org.libreoffice.LibreOffice

Common Issues

  • Incorrect category or application ID: Ensure that the specified category and application ID are correct and valid in the Flatpak runtime.
  • Application not installed: The application must be installed in the Flatpak runtime before it can be set as the default.


Example script to toggle between multiple browsers:


if [ "$1" == "firefox" ]; then
  flatpak-make-current --category=web-browser org.mozilla.firefox
elif [ "$1" == "chrome" ]; then
  flatpak-make-current --category=web-browser org.chromium.Chromium

Related Commands

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