flatpak-history - Linux


flatpak-history allows you to manage the history of Flatpak applications. It provides options to view, export, and remove historical versions. This command is especially useful for troubleshooting installation issues or restoring previous versions of an application.


flatpak-history [options] [subcommand] [arguments]


  • –app: Specify the Flatpak application for which you want to manage history.
  • –repo: Specify the Flatpak repository for the application.
  • –no-cache: Disable the use of the cache for faster operations.
  • –help: Display help and usage information.


  • list: View the version history of the specified application.
  • export: Export a specific version of the specified application to a file.
  • remove: Remove a specific version of the specified application from the system.


List version history:

flatpak-history list org.gnome.Calculator

Export a specific version:

flatpak-history export org.gnome.Calculator 1.18.3 calculator.flatpak

Remove a specific version:

flatpak-history remove org.gnome.Calculator 1.18.2

Common Issues

  • "flatpak-history: command not found": Ensure that Flatpak is installed and the flatpak command is in the system’s $PATH environment variable.
  • "flatpak-history: application not found": The specified application may not be installed or may not have a version history available.
  • "flatpak-history: version not found": The specified version may not exist for the application.


flatpak-history can be combined with other commands to manage Flatpak applications.

  • flatpak install –from uses a Flatpakref file from the history to install a specific version.
  • flatpak run can run a specific version from the history using the --user/--system flags.
  • script: Create a script to automatically export or remove Flatpak versions from the history based on specific conditions.

Related Commands

  • flatpak: Main command to manage Flatpak applications and repositories.
  • flatpak-install: Install Flatpak applications.
  • flatpak-update: Update installed Flatpak applications.
  • flatpak-search: Search for Flatpak applications in repositories.