flatpak-document-info - Linux


flatpak-document-info displays information about a Flatpak application’s documents. It provides details such as the filename, description, and mime type of each document.


flatpak-document-info [--list | --inline | --appname | --app-id | --filename]


  • –list: List all documents for the specified application.
  • –inline: Display document information inline as JSON.
  • –appname: Filter by application name.
  • –app-id: Filter by application ID.
  • –filename: Filter by document filename.


Display all documents for the "org.gnome.gedit" application:

flatpak-document-info --app-id org.gnome.gedit

Get document information for a specific filename:

flatpak-document-info --filename resume.pdf

Display document information as JSON:

flatpak-document-info --inline --appname "Gnome Text Editor"

Common Issues

  • No documents found: Ensure that the specified application is installed and has documents associated with it.
  • Invalid filename: Check if the filename provided is correct and matches the file on the system.


Combine with "flatpak-info" to get detailed app info:

flatpak-info --info $(flatpak-document-info --list --inline)

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