flatpak-build-update-repo - Linux


flatpak-build-update-repo is a command-line tool that builds a Flatpak repository from a set of projects and makes the repository available on a web server or local directory.


flatpak-build-update-repo [--directory-only] [--static-delta] [--require-valid-commit]


  • --directory-only: Create only the repository directory and do not perform a build.
  • --static-delta: Use static deltas instead of compressed deltas to reduce the size of the incremental updates.
  • --require-valid-commit: Check if all commits in the current branch are valid (have a signed-off-by line).


Simple usage:


Build a repository in a specific directory:

flatpak-build-update-repo --directory-only --directory /tmp/repo

Create a static delta repository:

flatpak-build-update-repo --static-delta

Common Issues

  • Missing dependencies: Ensure that all required dependencies are installed before running the command.
  • Invalid commit: Check if any commits in the current branch are missing a signed-off-by line if --require-valid-commit is used.
  • Permissions: Make sure you have sufficient permissions to create and modify files in the repository directory.


Combine with other commands to automate repository management:

# Build a repository and upload it to a remote server
flatpak-build-update-repo --directory-only | flatpak-remote-add --if-not-exists my-remote http://example.com/repo

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