flatpak-build-sign - Linux


flatpak-build-sign generates and embeds a signature into a Flatpak manifest to ensure its authenticity and integrity. Essential for creating trusted and verifiable Flatpak applications.


flatpak-build-sign [global options] [command-specific options] [arguments]


Global Options:

  • –platform-version: Specify the target platform version for the build.
  • –repo-version: Set the repository version for the build.
  • –from: Path to an existing Flatpak manifest to sign. (default: standard input)
  • –to: Path to the output Flatpak manifest. (default: standard output)
  • –signer: Specify the signing method. (default: local)
  • –subject: Signing certificate’s subject.

Command-Specific Options:

  • –public-key: Path to the signing key used to generate the signature.
  • –private-key: Path to the private key matching the public key.
  • –publish: Publish the signed manifest to a specified repository.
  • –skip-verify: Skip verifying the local repository before signing.
  • –batch: Batch-sign multiple Flatpak manifests.


Sign a Manifest:

flatpak-build-sign \
  --public-key ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub \
  --private-key ~/.ssh/id_rsa \
  --from /path/to/input.flatpak \
  --to /path/to/output.flatpak

Sign and Publish to a Repository:

flatpak-build-sign \
  --publish \
  --repo https://flathub.org \
  --public-key ~/my-key.pem \
  --private-key ~/my-key.pem \
  --from /path/to/flatpak.flatpak

Common Issues

  • Signature Verification Failure: Ensure that the private key used for signing matches the public key used for verification.
  • Invalid Target Platform: Verify that the platform version specified matches the target environment for the Flatpak application.


Combining with Flatpak Commands:

  • flatpak-create: Sign a newly created Flatpak manifest.
  • flatpak-builder: Build and sign a Flatpak application in one step.

Related Commands

  • flatpak: Manage Flatpak applications and repositories.
  • flatpak-config: Configure Flatpak system settings.
  • flatpak-install: Install Flatpak applications.