flatpak-build-bundle - Linux


flatpak-build-bundle facilitates the creation of Flatpak bundles. Flatpaks are a containerization technology for Linux applications, ensuring consistent and secure application distribution across multiple Linux systems. This command allows for the packaging of applications into Flatpak bundles with ease.


flatpak-build-bundle [--deps] [--appstream-id] [--appstream-version] [--appstream-summary] [--appstream-description] [--appstream-content] [--appstream-license] [--appstream-authors] [--version] [--rpms] [--debs] [--ignore-ownership] [--runtime-permissions] [--include-runtime] [--exclude-runtime] [--bundle] [--target] [--build] [--sort] [--local-build]


  • –deps: Check for and include mandatory dependencies.
  • –appstream-id: Specify the AppStream ID.
  • –appstream-version: Specify the AppStream version.
  • –appstream-summary: Specify the AppStream summary.
  • –appstream-description: Specify the AppStream description.
  • –appstream-content: Specify the AppStream content.
  • –appstream-license: Specify the AppStream license.
  • –appstream-authors: Specify the AppStream authors.
  • –version: Set the version of the bundle.
  • –rpms: Build RPM packages instead of Flatpak bundles.
  • –debs: Build DEB packages instead of Flatpak bundles.
  • –ignore-ownership: Ignore file ownership when bundling.
  • –runtime-permissions: Override AppStream runtime permissions.
  • –include-runtime: Include the runtime in the bundle.
  • –exclude-runtime: Exclude the runtime from the bundle.
  • –bundle: Output a bundle instead of building it.
  • –target: Specify the target architecture.
  • –build: Build a bundle instead of outputting it.
  • –sort: Sort files in the bundle.
  • –local-build: Build locally without pushing to a remote.


Create a Flatpak bundle:

flatpak-build-bundle --appstream-id org.example.myApp

Build a DEB package:

flatpak-build-bundle --debs --appstream-id org.example.myApp

Common Issues

  • Missing dependencies: Ensure that all necessary dependencies are met before attempting to build a bundle.
  • Permission denied errors: Verify file ownership and permissions if encountering permission-related issues.
  • Invalid syntax: Double-check the command syntax and ensure that all arguments are correctly specified.


  • Flatpak: Use flatpak-build-bundle to generate Flatpak bundles that can be installed and managed on various Linux distributions.
  • Other containerization tools: Combine flatpak-build-bundle with containerization tools like Docker to create more complex application environments.

Related Commands

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  • flatpak: Manage Flatpak packages.
  • Flatpak documentation: Official Flatpak documentation.