Firemon - Linux


Firemon is a command-line tool used to manage firewall rules and security groups on AWS cloud infrastructure. It provides a comprehensive interface to configure, manage, and monitor firewall rules, helping you maintain a secure cloud environment.


firemon [command] [options]


  • -h, –help: Display command usage.
  • -v, –version: Display command version.
  • -c, –config-file: Path to configuration file.
  • -d, –debug: Enable debug output.



  • create: Create a new firewall rule.
  • delete: Delete an existing firewall rule.
  • update: Update an existing firewall rule.
  • list: List all firewall rules.
  • show: Show details of a specific firewall rule.


| Subcommand | Description |
| security-group: Manage security groups associated with firewall rules. |
| rule-base: Manage rule bases for firewall rules. |


Create a Firewall Rule

firemon create --name my-firewall-rule --source-cidr --port 22

Delete a Firewall Rule

firemon delete --id my-firewall-rule

Update a Firewall Rule

firemon update --id my-firewall-rule --description "Updated Firewall Rule"

List All Firewall Rules

firemon list

Common Issues

Error: "Firewall rule not found."

Solution: Ensure the firewall rule ID or name provided is correct.

Error: "Insufficient permissions to modify firewall rules."

Solution: Verify that the AWS user has the necessary permissions to manage firewall rules.


Firemon can be integrated with other AWS CLI commands to automate firewall management tasks, such as:

aws ec2 create-security-group --group-name my-security-group
firemon create --security-group my-security-group --port 80

Related Commands

  • aws ec2 create-security-group: Create a new security group.
  • aws ec2 authorize-security-group-ingress: Authorize incoming traffic to a security group.
  • aws ec2 describe-security-groups: Describe existing security groups.

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