firejail.users - Linux


firejail.users is a utility designed to simplify the management of users and groups within Firejail. It provides a convenient interface for creating, modifying, and removing users and groups, making it easier to configure fine-grained access controls for Firejail profiles.


firejail.users [options] [command]


| Option | Description |
| -a, --add | Adds a new user or group. |
| -r, --remove | Removes an existing user or group. |
| -m, --modify | Modifies an existing user or group. |
| -l, --list | Lists all users and groups. |
| -u, --user | Specifies the user or group to operate on. |
| -p, --profile | Specifies the Firejail profile to modify. |


Adding a user to a profile

firejail.users -a -u bob -p myprofile

Removing a group from a profile

firejail.users -r -u group1 -p myprofile

Modifying a user’s capabilities

firejail.users -m -u bob -p myprofile --caps=CAP_SYS_ADMIN

Listing all users and groups in a profile

firejail.users -l -p myprofile

Common Issues

Unable to add user due to permission denied

This occurs when you do not have sufficient privileges to add a user to the profile. Ensure that you are running firejail.users as root or a user with elevated privileges.


firejail.users can be integrated with other Firejail commands and tools to enhance access control. For example, you can combine it with firejail-cmd to create custom profiles with specific user permissions.

Related Commands

  • firejail: The main Firejail command for creating and managing Firejail profiles.
  • firejail-cmd: A tool for querying and modifying Firejail profiles.