finitef - Linux


finitef is a utility to perform finite field arithmetic calculations over prime fields. It is widely used in cryptography, coding theory, and other mathematical applications.


finitef [options] <operation> <operands>...


  • -f, –field-size: Specifies the size of the prime field over which to perform calculations. Required.
  • -p, –prime: Specifies the prime number used to define the prime field. Required.
  • -v, –verbose: Outputs detailed information about the calculation process.
  • -h, –help: Displays help information.


Simple Calculation

finitef -f 16 -p 257 multiply 0x1f 0x20
# Output: 0x3ea

Complex Calculation

finitef -f 256 -p 1000017 radix 16 invert 0x12345678
# Output: 0xedcba987

Common Issues

Invalid Field Size or Prime

Ensure the given values for -f and -p are valid prime numbers and that -f represents the correct number of bits in the prime.

Mismatched Radix

The radix option must match the input values. For example, if hex input is provided, use radix 16.


finitef can be integrated into scripts or command chains for automated tasks:

echo "0x1f" | finitef -f 16 -p 257 multiply 0x20

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