field_opts_off - Linux


field_opts_off is a command designed to remove extended field options from raw smbios entries. Its primary use is in parsing and modifying raw System Management BIOS (SMBIOS) data, commonly encountered in firmware analysis and reverse engineering.


field_opts_off <raw_smbios_file> <output_file>




Simple Use:

field_opts_off raw_smbios.bin cleaned_smbios.bin

This removes extended field options from the raw_smbios.bin file and saves the modified data to cleaned_smbios.bin.

Complex Use with Chaining:

smbiosdump -s raw_smbios.bin | field_opts_off | smbiosdump -d

Here, the raw SMBIOS data is first extracted using smbiosdump, then the extended field options are removed using field_opts_off, and finally, the cleaned data is displayed using smbiosdump in decoded format.

Common Issues

  • Missing SMBIOS data: Ensure that the input file contains valid raw SMBIOS data.
  • File permissions: Verify that you have sufficient permissions to read the input file and write to the output file.


Chaining with Other Commands:

field_opts_off can be used in conjunction with other SMBIOS-related commands, such as smbiosdump and smbiosmod.

Use in Scripts:

The command can be integrated into scripts for automated SMBIOS data processing tasks, such as cleaning, modifying, and extracting specific information.

Related Commands

  • smbiosdump: Extracts and decodes SMBIOS data
  • smbiosmod: Modifies values in SMBIOS tables
  • dmidecode: Displays human-readable SMBIOS information