fattach - Linux


fattach is a versatile command-line utility for mounting FUSE filesystems in Linux. It allows you to easily integrate a wide range of storage devices, cloud services, and virtual filesystems into your system.


fattach [options] [command]


  • -S, –source: Specifies the source path or device to mount.
  • -T, –type: Defines the filesystem type to mount.
  • -m, –mountpoint: Sets the mount point for the filesystem. Defaults to /tmp/fattach-XXXXXX.
  • -o, –options: Additional mount options, such as rw or ro.
  • -d, –debug: Enables debug mode for verbose logging.
  • -h, –help: Displays help information.


Mount a local directory as a FUSE filesystem:

fattach -S /mnt/data -T fuseblk -m /mnt/data-fuse

Mount a remote SFTP server as a FUSE filesystem:

fattach -S user@example.com:/path/to/remote -T sftp -m /mnt/remote-sftp

Mount an Amazon S3 bucket as a FUSE filesystem:

fattach -S s3://example-bucket -T s3fs -o rw -m /mnt/s3-bucket

Common Issues

  • Permission denied: Ensure that you have sufficient permissions to mount the specified source.
  • Filesystem not found: Verify that the filesystem type you specified is supported by fattach.
  • Mount point not available: Choose a different mount point if the specified one is already in use.


fattach can be integrated with other commands and tools through shell scripts or command chaining:

# Create a mount point and mount a directory as a FUSE filesystem
mkdir /mnt/data-fuse
fattach -S /mnt/data -T fuseblk -m /mnt/data-fuse

# Use the mounted filesystem in a command
ls /mnt/data-fuse

Related Commands

  • mount: The traditional command for mounting filesystems.
  • fuse: The userland filesystem interface used by fattach.
  • s3fs: A dedicated utility for mounting Amazon S3 buckets as FUSE filesystems.