extended_color_content - Linux


extended_color_content is a Linux utility responsible for generating output that conforms to the extended color content scheme defined in the XYZ color space. It operates by transforming specified color inputs into their corresponding XYZ representations.


extended_color_content [OPTIONS] [ARGUMENT]


| Option | Description | Default |
| -i, --input | Input file containing color data | – |
| -o, --output | Output file to store XYZ color representations | – |
| -c, --color-space | Color space of input data (default: sRGB) | sRGB |
| -t, --temperature | Color temperature in Kelvin (default: 6504) | 6504 |
| -h, --help | Display usage information | – |
| -v, --version | Show version information | – |


Convert an image to XYZ color space:

extended_color_content -i input.jpeg -o output.xyz

Transform a set of color values in CSV format:

extended_color_content -i colors.csv -o result.xyz -c AdobeRGB

Common Issues

Color conversion accuracy: Ensure input color data is in the specified color space, and use an appropriate color temperature for accurate conversions.


Piped input:

cat colors.txt | extended_color_content > xyz_data.txt

Use as part of a script:


for image in *.jpg; do
  extended_color_content -i "$image" -o "xyz_$image"

Related Commands

  • icc_profile: Manipulate ICC color profiles.
  • convert: Convert between image formats and color spaces.

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