error::inode-uprobes - Linux


error::inode-uprobes is a Linux utility that displays the status of inode unprivileged probes (UPROBES). UPROBES allow user-space programs to attach probes to specific kernel functions. This command provides visibility into the usage and behavior of these probes.


error::inode-uprobes [OPTIONS...]


  • -h, –help: Display help and exit.
  • -v, –verbose: Enable verbose output, showing more detailed information.
  • -f, –filter : Filter the output based on the specified criteria. The filter supports the following syntax:


* **KEY** can be one of: `inode_id`, `probe_id`, `probe_name`, `probe_state`, `probe_type`.
* **OPERATOR** can be one of: `=`, `!=`, `<`, `<=`, `>`, `>=`.
* **VALUE** is the value to compare against.
  • -a, –all: Display all probes, even those that are inactive.
  • -s, –show-details: Show detailed information about each probe, including its attachment points.
  • -j, –json: Output the information in JSON format.


Display active inode UPROBES:


Filter probes by name:

error::inode-uprobes -f probe_name='my_inode_probe'

Show detailed information about a probe:

error::inode-uprobes -s -f probe_id=123

Output in JSON format:

error::inode-uprobes -j

Common Issues

  • Permission denied: If you do not have sufficient privileges, you may encounter permission issues. Use sudo to run the command with elevated privileges.
  • No UPROBES found: If no inode UPROBES are installed, the command will not display any output. Check if the probes are properly loaded and configured.


error::inode-uprobes can be used in combination with other utilities, such as:

  • lsof: To identify processes using the inode.
  • strace: To monitor the system calls made by a process using a UPROBE.

Related Commands

  • ftrace: Generic tracing framework
  • uprobes: General-purpose UPROBE management tool