error::dwarf - Linux


error::dwarf is a command-line tool for error handling using the DWARF (Debug With Attributes Record Format) debug information standard. It allows for the extraction and interpretation of error messages embedded within DWARF debug information, providing precise and contextual error reporting.


error::dwarf [options] [error_code]


| Option | Description | Default |
| -e, --encoding | Encoding format of the error messages. Can be one of ascii, hex, or base64. | ascii |
| -s, --string | Display the error message as a string instead of a raw value. | false |
| -v, --verbose | Display additional information, such as the DWARF information section and error class. | false |
| -h, --help | Display usage information. | N/A |


Extract and display error message in ASCII:

error::dwarf -e ascii 0x1234

Display error message as a string with verbose output:

error::dwarf -s -v 0x5678

Common Issues

Error message not found: Ensure that the specified error code exists within the DWARF debug information.

Invalid encoding format: Specify a valid encoding format (ascii, hex, or base64).


error::dwarf can be integrated with other tools to provide contextual error reporting in complex applications. For instance:

gdb --eval-command="info error::dwarf $(gdb_err)"

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