envz_strip - Linux


envz_strip is a command-line utility that strips non-ASCII characters from environment variables. It is particularly useful in scenarios where cross-platform compatibility is crucial, such as when deploying applications across different systems.


envz_strip [-h|--help] [-v|--version]


| Flag | Description | Default |
| -h, –help | Display help and usage information | – |
| -v, –version | Print version information | – |


Strip all non-ASCII characters:

envz_strip | env -0

Strip non-ASCII characters from a specific variable:

envz_strip -v PATH | env -0

Common Issues

Error: Non-ASCII characters found in environment:

This error occurs when envz_strip detects non-ASCII characters in an environment variable. To resolve this, manually remove the non-ASCII characters or use a tool like iconv to convert the variable to ASCII.


envz_strip can be integrated with other commands to streamline tasks. For example, it can be piped into env -0 to pass the stripped environment to another command:

envz_strip | env -0 /path/to/command

Related Commands

  • env: Displays the current environment variables.
  • iconv: Converts character encodings between different standards.
  • tr: Translates or deletes characters in a string.