envz_remove - Linux


envz_remove is a command-line tool designed specifically to delete environment variables from the current shell session or from a specified process. It offers a convenient and efficient way to manage environment variables in Linux systems.


envz_remove [options] <environment_variable_name> [process_id]


  • -p, –process-id: Specifies the process ID of the target process. If not provided, the current shell session is affected.
  • -f, –force: Forces the removal of the environment variable, even if it is considered essential by the system.


  1. Remove an environment variable from the current shell session:

    envz_remove PATH
  2. Remove an environment variable from a specific process:

    envz_remove PS1 12345
  3. Forcefully remove an essential environment variable:

    envz_remove --force HOME

Common Issues

  1. Permission Denied: If you attempt to remove an environment variable from a process that you do not have sufficient privileges to modify, you will encounter a permission denied error.
  2. Invalid Process ID: Ensure that the provided process ID is valid and refers to an existing process.


envz_remove can be integrated with other commands to automate environment management tasks. For example, you can use it in scripts to dynamically adjust environment variables based on specific conditions.

Related Commands

  • env: Displays the current environment variables.
  • export: Sets or modifies environment variables.
  • unset: Unsets environment variables.