envz_get - Linux


envz_get is a powerful command-line tool that retrieves environment variables from the Linux operating system. It enables users to access, modify, and manage environment variables within scripts or interactive sessions.




-a, --all        List all environment variables
-d, --delete     Delete the specified environment variable
-s, --set        Set the specified environment variable to a new value


Get the value of a specific variable:

envz_get USERNAME

List all environment variables:

envz_get -a

Set the value of a variable:

envz_get -s APACHE_PORT 8080

Delete a variable:

envz_get -d NOT_NEEDED_VAR

Common Issues

  • Variable not found: If the specified VARIABLE_NAME does not exist in the environment, envz_get will return an empty string or an error message.
  • Syntax errors: Ensure proper command syntax and flag usage.


envz_get integrates seamlessly with other Linux commands:

  • Bash scripting: Use envz_get to access environment variables within bash scripts.
  • sed or awk: Process and filter environment variables using stream editors.
  • grep: Search for environment variables based on patterns.

Related Commands

  • export: Set or modify environment variables.
  • unset: Remove environment variables.
  • printenv: Display the values of environment variables.