endnetent - Linux


endnetent is a command-line utility used to cleanup the internal cache of host network information stored by the C library. This information consists primarily of network addresses, and mapping between hostnames and addresses. This command is typically used to release system resources and is mostly useful in specialized scenarios where resources are constrained or there’s a need for explicit cleanup.




This command does not accept any options or flags.


Simple Usage:


This will release the cached network information.

Common Issues

  • No Effect: endnetent may not have any noticeable effect in most general-purpose systems. The Linux kernel usually handles memory management efficiently, including the cleanup of network information.
  • Premature Cleanup: If endnetent is called prematurely, applications using network information may experience unexpected behavior.


  • Resource Management: endnetent can be incorporated into scripts or tasks aimed at optimizing resource usage, particularly on constrained systems.
  • Network Configuration Management: It can be used alongside other network configuration commands to ensure a clean slate for subsequent network operations.

Related Commands

  • gethostbyname: Resolves a hostname to an IP address.
  • gethostbyaddr: Resolves an IP address to a hostname.
  • setnetent: Initializes the network information cache.
  • getnetent: Retrieves the next entry from the network information cache.