endfsent - Linux


The endfsent command marks the end of a series of fsend commands. It is used to complete the process of transferring files to a remote file system.




There are no options or flags associated with the endfsent command.


To initiate a file transfer using fsend and mark the end of the transfer with endfsent:

fsend filename remote-host:destination-path

Common Issues

If endfsent is not called after a series of fsend commands, the file transfer may not complete successfully and the files may not be accessible on the remote file system.


endfsent works in conjunction with the fsend command to transfer files over a network. It is typically used in conjunction with SSH to secure the file transfer.

Related Commands

  • fsend: Initiates the transfer of a file to a remote file system.
  • ssh: Provides a secure connection for the transfer of files and data.