echochar - Linux


echochar is a command-line utility designed to print a single character, which is useful for testing terminal configurations, creating special effects in scripts, or for debugging purposes.


echochar [-h]


  • -h: Display help message and exit.


Printing a single character

echochar *

Printing a backslash character

echochar '\'

Printing a control character

echochar '\n'

Common Issues

  • Invalid character: If you try to print a character that is not valid or recognized by the terminal, echochar will display an error message.


echochar can be combined with other commands to create more complex effects. For example, you can pipe the output of echochar to script to record a terminal session and include special characters in the transcript.

echochar * | script -a session.txt

Related Commands

  • echo: Prints a line of text.
  • script: Records a terminal session into a file.
  • printf: Prints formatted output.