e2mmpstatus - Linux


e2mmpstatus is a command-line tool used to monitor the status and performance of Enterprise 2nd Generation Management Module (E2MMP). It provides a comprehensive view of E2MMP’s health, including connection status, battery information, I/O statistics, and various operating parameters.


e2mmpstatus [OPTIONS]


| Option | Description | Default |
| -c, –controller | Specify the controller IP address or hostname | Required |
| -p, –port | Specify the controller port number | 8000 |
| -u, –username | Provide the username for authentication | Required |
| -w, –password | Provide the password for authentication | Required |
| -x, –xml | Output the status in XML format | False |
| -t, –timeout | Set the timeout value for the connection | 5 |
| -h, –help | Display the help message | – |


1. Simple Status Check:

e2mmpstatus -c -u admin -w password

2. Export Status to XML:

e2mmpstatus -c -u admin -w password -x > e2mmpstatus.xml

3. Custom Timeout Value:

e2mmpstatus -c -u admin -w password -t 10

Common Issues

1. Connection Failure:

  • Ensure the provided controller IP address, port, username, and password are correct.
  • Verify network connectivity to the E2MMP controller.

2. XML Output Errors:

  • Check if the XML output file is well-formed.
  • Ensure the XML parser being used is up-to-date.


1. Monitoring Scripts:
Integrate e2mmpstatus into monitoring scripts to periodically check E2MMP status and trigger alerts if necessary.

2. Command Chaining:
Combine e2mmpstatus with other Linux commands for advanced tasks. For example, parse the XML output using grep or awk to filter specific parameters.

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