dpkg-architecture - Linux


dpkg-architecture is a utility used to identify the architecture of a Debian package. It is primarily intended for use by package maintainers and packagers to ensure that packages are built and distributed for the correct architecture.


dpkg-architecture [options]


  • -a: Print only the architecture name
  • -l: List all supported architectures
  • -s: Print the architecture of the current system
  • -h: Display help information


Print the architecture name of the current system

dpkg-architecture -s

List all supported architectures

dpkg-architecture -l

Print only the architecture name of a specific package

dpkg-architecture -a /path/to/package.deb

Common Issues

Incorrect architecture identification

Ensure that the package is correctly built for the intended architecture. Verify the build environment and tools used during the package compilation process.

Missing architecture dependency

If the package requires a specific architecture during runtime, install the corresponding architecture-dependent package to resolve the issue.


Package verification

Integrate dpkg-architecture into automated package verification pipelines to ensure that all packages are built for the correct architecture.

Package management

Use dpkg-architecture in package management tools to identify the architecture of packages during installation and upgrades.

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