dlmopen - Linux


dlmopen is a command that can be used to open a DLM (distributed lock manager) resource. It can be useful in high-availability and cluster computing environments where multiple systems need to coordinate access to shared resources.


dlmopen [options] /path/to/resource


Mandatory arguments:

  • -l: Lock the resource shared with other nodes.
  • -e: Lock the resource exclusively.


  • -n: Do not actually lock the resource, just check if it can be locked.
  • -w: Specify the timeout (in seconds) to acquire the lock.
  • -t: Specify the timeout (in seconds) to hold the lock.
  • -p: Print debugging information.


  • -h, –help: Display this help and exit.
  • -V, –version: Output version information and exit.


To lock a resource for shared access with a timeout of 60 seconds:

dlmopen -l -w 60 /path/to/resource

To lock a resource exclusively with a timeout of 30 seconds:

dlmopen -e -w 30 /path/to/resource

Common Issues

  • Lock not acquired: The lock cannot be acquired because it is already held by another node. Try using a longer timeout or checking if the resource is locked with the -n option.
  • No such file or directory: The specified resource path does not exist. Ensure that the path is correct and that the resource is accessible.


dlmopen can be combined with other commands to create complex locking mechanisms. For example, the following script locks a resource and then runs a command:


dlmopen -e -w 30 /path/to/resource && command
dlmclose /path/to/resource

Related Commands

  • dlmclose: Close a DLM resource.
  • dlminfo: Display information about DLM resources.
  • dlmlock: Acquire a lock on a DLM resource.
  • dlmunlock: Release a lock on a DLM resource.