Disable PSBreakpoint - PowerShell


Disable-PSBreakpoint is a PowerShell command used to disable existing breakpoints set in the integrated script debugger (ISE) or with the Set-PSBreakpoint cmdlet. It allows users to temporarily suspend debugging operations at specific points in a script and then resume execution as needed.


Disable-PSBreakpoint [-Id] <String[]>


| Option | Description |
| -Id | Specifies the unique identifier of the breakpoint to disable. Multiple breakpoint IDs can be provided as an array. If no -Id is specified, all existing breakpoints will be disabled. |


Disable a specific breakpoint:

Disable-PSBreakpoint -Id "MyBreakpoint1"

Disable all breakpoints:


Common Issues

  • Incorrect breakpoint ID: Ensure that the specified breakpoint ID matches an existing breakpoint in the script.
  • Access denied: If the script is running as an elevated user, you may need to run PowerShell with elevated privileges to disable the breakpoint.


Disable-PSBreakpoint can be combined with other PowerShell commands for advanced debugging tasks:

  • Get-PSBreakpoint: To retrieve information about existing breakpoints.
  • Set-PSBreakpoint: To set new breakpoints or modify existing ones.
  • Invoke-Expression: To evaluate a script expression at a specific breakpoint using Set-PSBreakpoint -Expression.
  • Set-PSBreakpoint
  • Enter-PSBreakpoint
  • Remove-PSBreakpoint
  • Get-PSBreakpoint