Disable NetAdapterBinding - PowerShell


The Disable-NetAdapterBinding cmdlet disables the specified TCP/IP protocol binding on a network adapter. This is useful for troubleshooting network connectivity issues or configuring the network settings of a specific interface.


Disable-NetAdapterBinding [-Name] <String> [-InterfaceIndex] <Int32> [-Confirm]
 [-WhatIf] [-Verbose] [-Debug]

Required Parameters

  • Name: The name of the TCP/IP protocol binding to be disabled.


  • InterfaceIndex: The index of the network adapter that contains the TCP/IP binding to be disabled.
  • Confirm: Prompts the user to confirm the operation before executing it.
  • WhatIf: Simulates the execution of the cmdlet without actually making any changes.
  • Verbose: Shows detailed information about the operation being performed.
  • Debug: Shows all the information and diagnostic messages generated by the cmdlet.


Example 1: Disable IP4 Binding on a Specific Interface

Disable-NetAdapterBinding -Name IP4 -InterfaceIndex 13

This command disables the IPv4 binding on the network adapter with an index of 13.

Example 2: Disable All IP Bindings on an Interface Using WhatIf

Get-NetAdapterBinding | foreach { Disable-NetAdapterBinding -Confirm:$false -WhatIf $_.Name }

This command retrieves all the IP bindings on all the network adapters and attempts to disable them, but only shows the simulated changes. The Confirm parameter is set to $false to avoid interactive prompts.

Common Issues

Error: Binding Not Found

If you receive an error stating that the specified binding was not found, ensure that the binding name and interface index are correct.

Error: Access Denied

If you encounter an access denied error, make sure you have sufficient permissions to modify the network settings on the computer.


The Disable-NetAdapterBinding cmdlet can be used in conjunction with other networking cmdlets, such as Get-NetAdapter and Set-NetAdapterBinding. For example, the following script disables all IP bindings on the “Ethernet” interface:

Get-NetAdapter -Name Ethernet | Get-NetAdapterBinding | foreach { Disable-NetAdapterBinding $_.Name }