Disable ComputerRestore - PowerShell


The Disable-ComputerRestore cmdlet disables the ComputerRestore feature on the specified computer. ComputerRestore is a feature that allows you to restore a computer to a previous state in the event of a system failure.


Disable-ComputerRestore [-ComputerName] <String>


The following options are available:

  • -ComputerName: Specifies the name of the computer on which to disable ComputerRestore.


Example 1: Disable ComputerRestore on the local computer


Example 2: Disable ComputerRestore on a remote computer

Disable-ComputerRestore -ComputerName Server1

Common Issues

One common issue that you may encounter when using the Disable-ComputerRestore cmdlet is that the cmdlet may fail if the ComputerRestore feature is already disabled. To resolve this issue, you can use the Get-ComputerRestore cmdlet to check the status of the ComputerRestore feature before using the Disable-ComputerRestore cmdlet.


The Disable-ComputerRestore cmdlet can be used with other PowerShell cmdlets to automate tasks. For example, you can use the Disable-ComputerRestore cmdlet to disable ComputerRestore on a group of computers.

$computers = Get-ADComputer -Filter *
Disable-ComputerRestore -ComputerName $computers
  • Get-ComputerRestore
  • Enable-ComputerRestore