dh_perl - Linux


dh_perl is a tool used during the Debian packaging process for Perl modules. It creates Debian packaging metadata files, such as debian/control, debian/rules, and debian/copyright, based on information obtained from the Perl module’s metadata. This simplifies and standardizes the packaging process, ensuring consistency and compatibility with Debian’s package management system.


dh_perl [options] [<module>]


  • -p: Include per-file Debian metadata in the generated files.
  • -b: Build a binary package in addition to the source package.
  • -l <license>: Specify the license of the module.
  • -S <summary>: Use the given summary in the generated debian/control file.
  • -e <email>: Use the given email address in the generated debian/control file.
  • -N: Do not prompt for user input.
  • -v: Verbose mode.


Create a basic Debian package for a Perl module:

dh_perl mymodule

Create a binary package:

dh_perl -b mymodule

Specify a custom license:

dh_perl -l "GPL-3.0" mymodule

Common Issues

  • Missing metadata: Ensure that the Perl module has all necessary metadata, such as a META.yml file or a Makefile.PL.
  • Incorrect licensing information: Verify that the license specified in -l option matches the actual license of the module.
  • Prompts for user input: To avoid prompts, use the -N option.


**Generate a debian package with equivs:

equivs-build example.debian.tar.gz  | dh_perl -

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  • dpkg-dev: Debian package development tools.
  • equivs: Debian package conversion tool.