dh_installppp - Linux


dh_installppp is a Debian package utility used to automate the installation of Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) and Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP) utilities. It simplifies the process of setting up PPP connectivity in a Linux environment.


dh_installppp [options] [package-name]


  • -c config-file: Use a custom config file.
  • -d device: Specify the device to configure.
  • -i global-ppp-options: Set global PPP options.
  • -n: Do not initialize the interface.
  • –edit-config: Edit the configuration file before installing.
  • –doc-format=format: Specify the documentation format (man, txt, info, html).
  • –dump-default-opts: Dump the default dump parameters.
  • –help: Display help information.


Simple usage:


Install PPP with custom options:

dh_installppp -i eth0 -g "noauth" -g "debug"

Edit the configuration file before installing:

dh_installppp --edit-config

Common Issues

  • Errors during installation: Ensure that the ppp and slip packages are installed.
  • No PPP interface created: Check if the specified device is correct and that it supports PPP.
  • Unable to connect: Verify the remote PPP server configuration and network connectivity.


Configure PPP through a GUI:

sudo nmtui-connect

Use wvdial for PPP dialing:

wvdial my-provider

Related Commands

  • pppd: Run PPP connections.
  • pppoeconf: Configure PPPoE connections.
  • wvdial: Dial into PPP providers.