dh_installpam - Linux


dh_installpam is a utility used in the Debian package management system to automatically generate PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules) configurations for Debian packages. Its primary purpose is to simplify the process of integrating PAM-based authentication and authorization into package installations.


dh_installpam [options] [package]


  • -p, –package : Specifies the package for which PAM configuration is being generated.
  • -a, –all: Generates PAM configuration for all targets (packages) in the current directory.
  • -v, –verbose: Outputs verbose information during the execution.
  • -m, –mode : Sets the PAM configuration mode:
    • normal: Normal PAM configuration (default).
    • offline: Generates PAM configuration without any dependencies.
    • manual: Skips PAM configuration generation.
  • –silent: Suppresses all output during execution.


Simple usage: Generate PAM configuration for the foo package:

dh_installpam foo

Verbose mode: Display detailed information during execution:

dh_installpam -v foo

Offline mode: Generate PAM configuration without dependencies:

dh_installpam -m offline foo

Common Issues

  • Missing dependencies: Ensure that the package has all necessary dependencies installed before running dh_installpam.
  • Configuration conflicts: Review the generated PAM configuration and make any necessary adjustments to resolve conflicts with existing PAM settings.


dh_installpam integrates with other commands in the Debian packaging system:

  • dh: Maintains Debian package metadata.
  • debhelper: Provides common utilities for Debian package development.

Related Commands

  • pam-auth-update: Updates the PAM configuration for all installed packages.
  • pam-config: Configures PAM system-wide.