dh_installmodules - Linux


dh_installmodules is a Debian packaging tool that assists in installing binary packages. It is primarily used within Debian package build scripts to create package-specific directories and install files into them.


dh_installmodules [OPTIONS] [MODULE1, ...]


  • --sourcedir=DIR: Specify the directory containing the source files (default: debian/)
  • --destdir=DIR: Specify the directory where the binary packages will be installed (default: debian/tmp/)
  • --incl-subdir=SUBDIR: Include an additional subdirectory to search for modules
  • --type=TYPE: Specify the type of modules to install (default: common)
  • --force-multi-arch: Force installation of multi-arch support
  • --no-multi-arch: Disable installation of multi-arch support
  • --warn-multi-arch: Warn about missing multi-arch support
  • --help: Display this help message and exit


Install common modules:


Install modules from a specific directory:

dh_installmodules --sourcedir=custom-dir common

Install multiple module types:

dh_installmodules --type=common,examples,tests

Common Issues

  • Missing multi-arch support: Ensure that the package build environment supports multi-arch if necessary.
  • Permission errors: Verify that the user has sufficient permissions to install files in the target directory.


Integration with dh_prep: dh_installmodules should be used after dh_prep has unpacked the source files.

Using in scripts: dh_installmodules can be incorporated into Debian package build scripts to automate module installation.

Related Commands

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  • dh_prep: Prepares Debian packages for building
  • debhelper: Contains various helper tools for Debian package management