dh_installlogrotate - Linux


dh_installlogrotate automates the installation of logrotate configuration files for Debian packages. It generates logrotate configuration files for the package’s log files and installs them to the appropriate system directory.


dh_installlogrotate [options] [log-config-files...]


  • -e: Prefix to add to log file names.
  • -l: Suffix to add to log file names.
  • -r: Remove existing configuration file before creating a new one.
  • -s: Specify the directory where logrotate configuration files will be installed.
  • -t: Specify the tag to use when generating configuration files.


Generating configuration files for a specific log:

dh_installlogrotate -l mylog-rotate /var/log/mylog

Generating configuration files for all logs in a package:

dh_installlogrotate -t mypackage

Common Issues

Error: "No log files specified"

If this error occurs, ensure that the log file paths are specified in the package’s maintainer scripts.


Combining dh_installlogrotate with other commands:

dh_installlogrotate && dpkg-buildpackage -b

Related Commands

  • logrotate: Configures and manages log file rotation.
  • dpkg: Provides tools for building and installing Debian packages.