dh_installinfo - Linux


dh_installinfo installs an info file into the Debian system documentation directory. It is used as part of the Debian package building process for documenting the package contents.


dh_installinfo [options] info-file


  • -a: Install all generated info files.
  • -d: Don’t install the info file.
  • -g: Generate info file before installing it.
  • -l dir: Install info file in dir instead of the default location.
  • -n: Disable package name filtering.
  • -N: Disable checking for conflicts.
  • -o relfile: Use the specified release file.


Installing a Single Info File

dh_installinfo debian.info

Installing All Generated Info Files

dh_installinfo -a

Generating and Installing Info File

dh_installinfo -g debian.info

Common Issues

  • Missing info file: Make sure the specified info file exists.
  • Permission denied: Ensure you have sufficient permissions to install the info file.


dh_installinfo is often used in conjunction with other Debian package building tools, such as dpkg-buildpackage. It can also be integrated into automated build processes using tools like make.

Related Commands

  • info: Read info files.
  • install: Install files to the system.
  • dpkg-buildpackage: Create Debian packages.