dh_installifupdown - Linux


dh_installifupdown is a utility used in Debian packaging to manage the installation and removal of ifupdown interfaces during package installation and removal. It facilitates the creation and deletion of network interfaces defined in /etc/network/interfaces when the corresponding package is installed or removed.


dh_installifupdown [options] [interface]...


  • -a, –add-pkg-hook
    • Add a hook to the postinst and prerm scripts of the debian package to configure ifupdown interfaces.
  • -r, –remove-pkg-hook
    • Remove the hook from the debian package’s postinst and prerm scripts.
  • -v, –verbose
    • Enable verbose output, providing more details about the process.
  • –interface=INTERFACE
    • Specify the network interface to be configured. Multiple interfaces can be specified.


Install and configure an interface:

dh_installifupdown eth0

Install and configure multiple interfaces:

dh_installifupdown eth0 eth1 wlan0

Remove configuration for an interface:

dh_installifupdown -r eth0

Common Issues

Error: Failed to add hook to postinst script

  • Ensure you have write permissions to the package’s postinst script.

Error: Interface not found in /etc/network/interfaces

  • Verify that the interface is correctly defined in /etc/network/interfaces.


Combine with ifupdown:

dh_installifupdown can be used together with ifupdown to manage network interfaces. For example:

dh_installifupdown eth0
ifup eth0

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