dh_installgsettings - Linux


dh_installgsettings is a powerful tool that enables Linux distributions to set default GNOME settings for packages. It integrates seamlessly with Debian’s packaging system, simplifying the configuration of GNOME applications during package installation.


dh_installgsettings [options] -- DEFAULTS_PATH [EXTRA_DEFAULTS_PATH ...]


  • — -l LANG – Set GNOME Language via Language code (e.g., "en" for English) (default: "en")
  • — -p – Do not generate the GNOME configuration files
  • — -R SCHEMA – Do not install the specified schema
  • — -x – Disable graphical prompts and use defaults


Simple Installation with Default Settings:

dh_installgsettings -- gnome-shell

Install Specific Schema with Custom Language:

dh_installgsettings -- -l fr org.gnome.desktop.background

Disable GNOME Configuration File Generation:

dh_installgsettings -- -p my-package

Common Issues

  • Missing schema: Ensure the specified GNOME schema exists. Check the GNOME schema database for availability.
  • Permission denied: Make sure you have sufficient privileges to install GNOME settings.


Integrating with Debian Packaging:

package: example-package
dh_installgsettings -l fr org.gnome.desktop.background

Combining with Other Tools:

gsettings list-recursively | grep org.gnome.desktop.background | dh_installgsettings -- "$@"

Related Commands

  • gsettings – Manage GNOME settings from the command line
  • dconf – Advanced GNOME settings configuration tool