dh_installemacsen - Linux


The dh_installemacsen command is a Debian packaging tool that automatically generates an .emacsen file for the given package, which is used to install Emacs Lisp files in the correct location.


dh_installemacsen [ debhelper options ]


  • -n, –no-act
    Do not actually generate the .emacsen file.
  • -f, –force
    Overwrite existing .emacsen file.
  • -v, –verbose
    Enable verbose output.
  • -h, –help
    Display help and exit.
  • –version
    Display version information and exit.


To generate an .emacsen file for the mypackage package:


To overwrite an existing .emacsen file:

dh_installemacsen --force

Common Issues

  • The generated .emacsen file is empty.
    This can happen if the package does not contain any Emacs Lisp files.
  • The .emacsen file is installed in the wrong location.
    This can happen if the emacs-common package is not installed.


The dh_installemacsen command can be used with other debhelper commands to create a complete Debian package, such as:

dh_make --with emacsen

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