dh_installdebconf - Linux


dh_installdebconf is a tool that installs and configures debconf database packages for Debian packages. It is commonly used during the packaging process of Debian packages to interact with the debconf system.


dh_installdebconf [--script|--ptest|--interactive|--auto] [--config=FILE] [--force] [--default=VALUE] [--low=VERSION] [--profile=PROFILES] [--dbpath=PATH] [--wizards] [--custom=NAME] [--fieldset=SET]


  • --script:
    Run non-interactively using debconf’s –frontend=noninteractive.
  • --ptest:
    Run in pseudo-terminal mode.
  • --interactive:
    Run interactively.
  • --auto:
    Automatically answer questions based on default values.
  • --config=FILE:
    Specify a configuration file.
  • --force:
    Force installation.
  • --default=VALUE:
    Set the default value for questions.
  • --low=VERSION:
    Specify the compatibility level.
  • --profile=PROFILES:
    Use the specified debconf profiles.
  • --dbpath=PATH:
    Specify the path to the debconf database.
  • --wizards:
    Install all available wizards.
  • --custom=NAME:
    Install a custom wizard.
  • --fieldset=SET:
    Specify a custom fieldset.


Simple Usage

Install debconf database packages without prompting for user input:

dh_installdebconf --auto

Interactive Mode

Run debconf in interactive mode to prompt the user for configuration options:

dh_installdebconf --interactive

Custom Configuration

Install debconf database packages using a custom configuration file:

dh_installdebconf --config=my_config.conf

Common Issues

  • Package not found: Ensure that the debconf database package is available in the repository.
  • Configuration file not found: Verify that the specified configuration file exists and is accessible.
  • Permission denied: Check that the user has sufficient permissions to install the packages.


dh_installdebconf can be used with other Debian packaging tools to streamline the packaging process. For example, it can be integrated with dh_make to automatically install debconf database packages during package build.

Related Commands

  • debconf-get: Get debconf values.
  • debconf-set: Set debconf values.
  • debconf-communicate: Communicate with a debconf frontend.