dh_installcatalogs - Linux


dh_installcatalogs installs catalog files for Debian packages. It’s primarily used in Debian package builds to install catalogs, which are metadata files used for package management.


dh_installcatalogs [options] [package-catalog-file]...


  • -a, –all: Install all catalog files in the current directory.
  • -c, –cdrom: Create a CD-ROM control file.
  • -e, –extra-datadir=DATADIR: Install catalogs in the specified alternate data directory.
  • -f, –force: Overwrite existing catalog files without warning.
  • -i, –info: Print additional information during installation.
  • -l, –list: List the installed catalogs.
  • -m, –merge: Merge the existing catalogs if a new one is not available.
  • -r, –remove: Remove all installed catalogs.
  • -s, –size: Print the size of the installed catalogs.
  • -u, –update: Update the existing catalogs with new ones.


  • Install all catalog files in the current directory:
dh_installcatalogs -a
  • Install a specific catalog file:
dh_installcatalogs /path/to/catalog-file
  • Create a CD-ROM control file:
dh_installcatalogs -c
  • List installed catalogs:
dh_installcatalogs -l

Common Issues

  • Catalogs may not be installed if the user does not have sufficient permissions.
  • Catalogs may not be merged correctly if the existing catalog is not compatible with the new one.


dh_installcatalogs can be used with other Debian helper commands, such as dh_prep, to prepare a Debian package for distribution.

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