dh_dwz - Linux


dh_dwz is a helper script for Debian packaging and is primarily used to generate Debian Women Zone (DWZ) metadata for Debian source packages. It automates the creation of metadata fields related to gender and diversity, enabling maintainers to declare their preferred pronouns and preferred forms of address. This information is shared with downstream distributions, promoting inclusivity and respect.


dh_dwz [options]


  • -f, –force: Force metadata generation even if DWZ data is already present.
  • -h, –help: Display help message and exit.
  • -V, –version: Display version information and exit.
  • -w, –write: Write metadata to the package.


Simple Usage:


This generates debian/control.dwz, containing the default metadata fields with empty values.

Force Generation:

dh_dwz -f

This overwrites existing DWZ metadata, replacing it with the default values.

Write Metadata:

dh_dwz -w

This writes generated metadata to the package’s debian/control file.

Common Issues

  • Metadata Not Generated: Ensure you have installed debian-women-zone and the dh-dwz package.


dh_dwz can be integrated into Debian packaging workflows by adding the following line to the debian/rules file:


Related Commands

  • dctrl-dwz: Reads and prints DWZ metadata from a Debian package.
  • debian-women-zone: Provides a central repository for DWZ metadata.

For more information, please refer to the official Debian Women Zone website: https://www.debian.org/women/.