dh_assistant - Linux


dh_assistant is a Debhelper tool that aids in packaging Debian source packages. It provides a user-friendly interface for configuring common package options and automating repetitive tasks, streamlining the packaging process.


dh_assistant [--no-interactive] [--quiet] [--force-overwrite] [--show-all]
  (--create | --build | --install | --clean)


  • --no-interactive: Disable interactive mode, answering all questions with default values.
  • --quiet: Suppress all output except errors.
  • --force-overwrite: Overwrite existing files without prompting.
  • --show-all: Show all available options, even those not currently relevant.


  • Create a new Debian package:

    dh_assistant --create
  • Build a Debian package:

    dh_assistant --build --force-overwrite
  • Install a Debian package:

    dh_assistant --install
  • Clean up build artifacts:

    dh_assistant --clean

Common Issues

  • Missing dependencies: Ensure that all necessary build dependencies are installed before running dh_assistant.
  • Incorrect configuration: Verify that debian/control and other package configuration files are properly formatted.
  • Build errors: Examine the build log (debian/rules.build) for specific error messages and consult relevant documentation for solutions.


  • Use dh_assistant with dh:

    dh -i -a all --with=assistant
  • Integrate dh_assistant into custom packaging scripts:

    dh_assistant --create
    # ... additional packaging steps
    dh_assistant --build

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